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Two Legs At A Time
So you're knitting shorts and you'd like to knit both legs at the same time. Here's a step by step guide to complete your legs (written for one set of needle tips and two interchangeable cables):Work your pattern up through the leg split, knitting ab...
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How to make a yarn skein crown
How to make a yarn crown: 1. Grab two skeins of yarn. I’m using two Wildflower Yarn in Unicorn Poop on the Dewdrop Sparkle Sock. You’ll also need two 12” lengths of string and a bunch of Bobby pins.2. Unwind one skein of yarn.3. Threa...
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Columns of colorful knitted yarn extend across a wooden table. A pair of knitting needles peeks in the left side of the frame, attached to a long green piece of yarn.
The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie
The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie is a mouthful. I know it. I can't spell bourgeoisie without googling it every time.So why does this simple pattern have such a complex name?The knit version of this pattern is based on an old knitting pattern called...
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