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How to make a yarn skein crown

How to make a yarn crown:

1. Grab two skeins of yarn. I’m using two Wildflower Yarn in Unicorn Poop on the Dewdrop Sparkle Sock. You’ll also need two 12” lengths of string and a bunch of Bobby pins.

2. Unwind one skein of yarn.

3. Thread it through the center of the second skein.

4. Rewind the yarn, using the center of the wound skein as the center point of your newly wound skein.

5. On the other (outside) end, pass a length of string through the loop. Do this for both skeins.

6. Place the crown on your head with the center of the crown on the center of your head, then tie the string around the back of your head like a headband.

7. Grab your Bobby pins and pin the crap out of it, being sure to grab some strands of yarn in each pin.

8. Fluff hair.

Done! You will now have approximately half an hour of looking cute before it falls out.