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The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie

The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie is a mouthful. I know it. I can't spell bourgeoisie without googling it every time.

So why does this simple pattern have such a complex name?

The knit version of this pattern is based on an old knitting pattern called feather and fan. I got the idea to make it modular, then the pattern took off and needed a name. It's a very simple pattern, easy to remember and designed to use up scraps.

The name is a nod to using up and making do. Use what you have. Don't give into the capitalistic monster telling us to "buy! buy! buy!" - dig into that stash of leftovers. My hope is when you look at your completed blanket you'll remember all the things you made before (similar to a postage stamp quilt or a t-shirt quilt). When you have more leftovers, expand your blanket with more memories.

Click here to pick up a knitting version of this pattern.

More of a crochet person? I got you, boo.

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