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Two Legs At A Time

So you're knitting shorts and you'd like to knit both legs at the same time. Here's a step by step guide to complete your legs (written for one set of needle tips and two interchangeable cables):

  1. Work your pattern up through the leg split, knitting about an inch into your first leg. Stop at the center of the inside thigh.
  2. Put this leg on hold but do not break the yarn.
  3. Start the other leg according to the instructions, using yarn from the other end of your cake (if you're already pulling from the inside, start pulling from the outside) 
  4. Knit about an inch into this leg (minus one row). Stop when you're at the center of the inside thigh.
  5. Grab your longest knitting cable. Arrange your needle tips so the empty needle and cable are on your right, and the full needle and cable (the one you just stopped in the center of the inside thigh) are on the left.
  6. Knit around the leg as usual, transferring the stitches from the full cable to the empty cable. Stop when you get to the beginning of the row.
  7. Put down your working yarn, pick up the yarn for the other leg. (if you started center pulling, this leg will be your center pull leg)
  8. Pickup and knit the stitches that are on hold for the first leg, starting in the center of the inside thigh.
  9. When you get back to the center of the inside thigh, move the remaining needle tip to the long cable. At this point all your stitches and needle tips should be on the long cable. Switch yarn and knit the second leg, staying in pattern.
  10. Knit around the second leg until you get back to the center thigh, then switch yarn and knit the first leg.
  11. Continue until your legs are length directed in the pattern